Thursday, March 06, 2008

Week From H-E-L-L: 1, Husband: 0

This post has nothing to do with me. Really! Absolutely nothing. I just think it's pretty interesting to think about all the things gone awry for my husband this week. So, to memorialize them, I will list them for you to read:

  1. Parked our car with baby seat in front parking lot of BART, did not tell me, so I went to the back parking lot and thought our car was stolen or towed.
  2. Forgot to bring a mail scale to work - even though I told him fifty times AND right before I left to drop off Mateo at daycare to bring it, don't forget, bring it. And I had to endure eye rolls and "yes, yes" even though I knew he'd forget it.
  3. Left my fabulous slow cooker lasagna meal out all night, so it and all its disgustingness was wasted. I really wasn't too heart broken about it.
  4. Locked his keys in the car. Called me, but with a sleeping toddler and daycare opening up at 6:30am, I could possibly rescue him at 5:45am. AAA was called. AAA took care of him.
  5. Left out my fabulous Mediterranean pasta dish, so it and all its grassy-tastingness was wasted.* I really wasn't too heart broken about it.

It's only Thursday. Can't wait to see what today and Friday bring.

*He insisted he didn't do this on purpose, and said, although I find it hard to believe, that he actually liked the meal. I said, "I didn't. It tasted too much like...." He cut me off, "...chicken?" (I'm really picky about meat and meat tastes and meat textures and meat funky bits) I said, "No. Grass. It tasted like grass."

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