Saturday, April 05, 2008

Check to son + google = why I love the internet

My son was part of a study for a meningitis vaccine (please, if anyone has anything negative to say about this, keep it to yourself - believe me, I've had my scares and worries) and because of this, he received a $50 check in the mail.

Made out to him.

Not me or the parents of or to my husband.

I asked my husband if he knew what to do (which is silly because he's never had a child until our child). He didn't know.

Now, this check is needed to add to my Dyson vacuum cleaner fund. Because our vacuum sucks. Actually, it doesn't "suck" which is why it needs to go away. I'm hoarding all kinds of random monies that are falling into my hands, mostly due to rebates, so we can buy one of them fa-bu-lous dysons that supposedly never stop working well. And because the new vacuum will create a cleaner and more dust and mite free environment for our wean, I'm okay with stealing his money.

So this morning I googled "how to deposit check to child" and the first result was How to Deposit Checks Written to Children. For those of you who do not want to go to another web site to find out how, assuming because you love my blog so, here is the low down:

1. sign child's name
2. write "minor by"
3 sign your own name

Nice that parents can take money designate for their children - and easily.

And this is why I love the internet. You can pretty much find the answer to any question. The only problem is - can I believe the answers I find?

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