Thursday, April 10, 2008

Day in the life!

I jokingly said to someone yesterday that I should document everything I do in one day so when I'm really old, I can look back on it and think how crazy I was. Yesterday was a typical day for me when I work at home. I decided this is a good day to document.

4am: wake up

4am - 5am: wash hair, do make-up, hair, get mateo's food together for daycare, make coffee

5am: start working

5:20am: listen to Mateo while he's waking up, ignore Mateo in hopes he goes back to sleep

5:45am: get dressed, get bottle, banana, antibiotics for Mateo

5:50am: get Mateo, change diaper, give him bottle, banana, antibiotics

6am: give Mateo eye drops and dress him

6:05am: give Mateo first inhaler

6:07am: move it into the the living room for second inhaler and some TV watching

6:20am: give second inhaler

6:30am: leave for daycare

6:50am: arrive at daycare and get Mateo settled

7am: leave for Safeway to buy sick husband a pastry

7:10am: leave to Walmart to pick up some random things

7:40am: back home, start working

11:30am: husband requests Sudafed, leave for Walmart

12pm: back home, keep working

12:35pm: leave to pick up Mateo from daycare

12:50pm: arrive at daycare, gather up Mateo's stuff, talk to Miss Joanne, leave

1:10pm: arrive at Safeway, buy some food for dinner and other random things needed that couldn't purchased in the morning because they didn't have them out yet

1:40pm: arrive home, load up stroller with groceries and Mateo.

1:45pm: get inside condo, unload everything, husband runs off with Mateo

1:50pm: start putting dinner together (fabulous Crock Pot Chicken Tortilla Soup)

2pm: back to work

3:30pm: rescue Mateo from husband who has been trying to put Mateo to sleep for a good half an hour and all Mateo is doing is crying.

3:35pm: change dirty diaper (might have been cause of crying...husbands....argh), give Mateo dose of eye drops

3:36pm: feed Mateo a tasty meal of cheese, peas, lil' crunchies, chicken (refused, of course), banana (another cause of crying...perhaps...husbands....)

3:50pm: back to work

4pm: move to living room to work

5pm: stop working, pj time for mateo

5:10pm: back in living room for fun and frolicks

5:30pm: off to bed for Mateo, gather bottle, antibiotics, inhalers, pacifier, Mateo in tow

5:50pm: Mateo is asleep, dinner time

6pm: dinner is served, husband and I eat

6:30pm: put dishes in dishwasher, clean kitchen

6:45pm: sweep kitchen floor, sweep entire living room floor (fake hardwood), sweep rug, torture Zoe with broom, attack Zoe with letters from play mat, sweep cat food and litter box area

7:10pm: confirm with husband that he feels much better that the floor is now swept (he normally does this, but he was sick, so I didn't want him doing anything)

7:30pm: move into the bedroom to synchronize my work laptop and play some Scrabulous with husband

8:00pm: take shower

8:15pm: continue with Scrabulous game while messing around on the internet and watching Big Brother and eating a cookie and ice cream

9pm: start watching Super Nanny so I could see how crazy kids can be

9:05pm: husband turns off TV despite my protestations, says he'll turn it back on, and I say no because he'll lay on his side and I won't be able to see the TV anyway.

9:10pm: sleep

10:30pm: wake up because of Mateo shrieking, go see what's wrong

10:50pm: back in bed, asleep 'til 4am when it starts all over again....

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