Tuesday, April 29, 2008

My new dyson.

Contrary to popular belief (MOM), the picture posted below is of a purple / lavender dyson and not that stupid pink one you saw on Target's web site yesterday. Regardless of how color blind anyone reading my blog may be, I would never, ever, EVER buy a pink dyson. Why light purple (aka lavender, very close to its friend, pink), is okay with me, I do not know. But pink? Who buys a pink vacuum? Mary Kay peeps?

All I do know is this: I vacuumed Mateo's room, which is not big by any means, but suits his 2 foot some odd inches frame quite well, and the canister, which seems rather big although I haven't checked it out from the inside, is FULL OF CAT HAIR. Sorry for yelling.

What disturbs me is this: how does that much cat hair and dust and funk and what have you burrow itself into a small rug space? How is it that you can clearly see it and all its glory, while contained in the canister, but before it was all sucked up (with no suction, mind you), you would never know it was there? You might suspect it was there, but you wouldn't look at his rug and say, ah, yes, this kid's mom hasn't vacuumed with a vacuum that actually works in MONTHS. What a bad mom. She sucks (and quite unlike the dyson, which doesn't, but literally and figuratively).

Anyhoo. I'm very tempted to take a picture of all the grossness that's in the canister because I find it completely fascinating, but I'm not sure anyone else would. I just want to stare and stare at it and wonder how my two cats possibly created a whole new cat and how that cat got into my new LAVENDER dyson canister.

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