Sunday, April 27, 2008

Now I realize why having another baby now would not be a good idea.

Besides the fact that we simply can't afford one.

Mateo got sick yesterday. We weren't sure how bad it was, if it was a real cold or if it was from teething (which I'm no longer convinced is happening), and how his night was going to go. We had plans to go out to dinner, so we cancelled those, and brought the dinner to us via take-out, which is the only way to go for us these days. Despite his huffy puffy belly breathing, we got him to sleep okay. But then, an hour later, he woke up all upset. Got him back to sleep again.

This is when I should have just went to bed myself.

He woke up at 10ish, and it took forever to get him back to sleep. I took on mommy duty of taking care of her huffy puffy coughy whining little boy. He and I got little sleep last night.

Some of last night's highlights include: him almost puking on my head (I was on the floor, next to his crib, so I could monitor him - good job I did), realizing he had already puked in another spot in his crib, having to clean up said puke and child (I did crib, dad did child, I almost tossed my cookies a bazillion times -- why does throw up have to smell soooo bad???), moving into the living room, sleeping on his play mat, ripping a hole in my PJ bottoms somehow - I remembering hearing it, but not how it happened (husband informs me this morning, when he came into the room to ask me to watch Mateo, that I need to throw my PJ bottoms away - apparently my big rip offended him so), moving Mateo back into his crib and me and heading back to my bed.

My husband took on morning duty so I could sleep more since I think I got about 2 hours of very interrupted sleep before going back to bed.

Now Mateo's in his crib, taking the first of many naps today, all the while coughing (and hopefully not throwing up).

And here I sit, imagining if I did have a baby or had a wee one in the oven and how last night would have gone, especially if I had to nurse my imaginary baby. thanks.

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