Tuesday, May 27, 2008

My brain has been washed with crap.

It's finally happened. I've been brainwashed. Mateo's TV shows likings have expanded greatly, and he likes some of the most awful, adults on crack shows ever. One is Hi-5.

They sing Robot #1, and I think I heard it about 103 times this past weekend. Unbelievably, I woke up with it running through my already cluttered mind. I don't have nearly enough room in my head for crappy kid music.

Have a listen. Notice the token black, asian, latin and not one, but TWO white peeps.

Not only does Mateo like this show, but he actually likes Barney (he only watches that on days he's home sick with me while I work), some funky adults dressed like big dogs show called Raggs, and probably the scariest show ever, LazyTown.

Can kid shows get any worse?? At this point, I welcome Teletubbies.

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