Tuesday, May 27, 2008

I may not have much dignity left, but I did get me some new PJs.

A month or so ago I ripped a big ol' hole down the butt seam of my PJs. I did this while trying to make sure Mateo could breath and wouldn't cough himself into puking the one night he almost puked on my head. I knew I my PJs ripped, but until I got more sleep in, I didn't care. My husband, on the other hand, had to inform me immediately that my PJs were ripped. He does care about these things, lack of sleep or not.

So after I had my nap, I threw them away.

One thing I must point out, since I doubt anyone knows or understands the state of my PJ situation, is that I don't have many summery bottoms that fit. I have a few. Just a few. I have maternity sweatpants that I still wear even though they're way too big, but they only work for me during the winter, and even then, I'm still sweating up a storm in them.

To lose PJ bottoms that did fit was a rather sad incident for me, but I wasn't going to run around with the butt seam ripped out.

My husband asked me one time if I was going to throw out my PJs with the hole in the butt. I told him I did. Then he went after my PJ t-shirts, which have little pin holes and worn hems, and I told him those stay.

This past weekend, I was wearing another pair of PJ bottoms. I used the bathroom, and that's when I noticed the butt seam was totally ripped out. Not again, I thought. I changed into shorts and threw the bottoms away.

I began to think of how many times I had worn those PJ bottoms, and how my butt was flapping around in the wind, and how my husband never once said anything.

Or did he?

So a day later I confronted him as to why he let me walk around with my butt out in the open. He said he didn't know, and that I wear shirts with holes in them, so he figured I didn't care. I informed him that I have no other PJ shirts to wear, so the shirts stay. However, no one should be allowed to run around with the butt seam of their PJ bottoms ripped. No one. Including me.

We went to Old Navy on Sunday, where I bought myself two PJ bottoms, which are perfect for my sweaty and slightly fatty ways since they're knee-length shorts, fit just fine, and don't show off my thigh chubs.

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