Monday, May 19, 2008

Speaking of bursting bubbles.

So my diet coach reminded me of this in her comment about bursting bubbles. And it's striking me particularly funny right now.

Mateo got invited to a birthday party in June. So I went on Amazon and found a really cool pre-K laptop for the bday kid, and decided to buy Mateo this because he's particularly fond of balls and them flying through the air at me, Zoe, the wall, the sliding glass door, etc..

I was pretty sure the notice I got from Amazon said his toy was shipped before the laptop (excuse me, I just realized it's a "laughtop" according to Amazon). So when Grandma brought it over on the day Mateo had his doctor appointment, I just knew Mateo would love to have this new toy to play with, especially since it was like 105 degrees outside and he is not allowed out in the heat for fear his cheeks will burst into flames and he will disintegrate before my eyes.

After we got back from the appointment, I brought the box into the living room, and being the type of mom who loves to make everything fun and exciting for her child, made a big, fat production about his cool new toy that he would love so much. Mateo was hovering on his haunches while I opened the box, his eye gleaming with excitement.

"My mommy is the best!" I'm sure he was thinking. Or maybe just "mine, mine, mine." Who really knows what these crazy kids are thinking these days.

As I opened the first flap, I realized it wasn't his toy. It was the birthday present.

Mateo got all excited, wanting to get his grubby little paws on the "laughtop," but I had to tell him, "no, baby, no -- this isn't for you. This is a birthday present." After apologizing fifty times for getting his hopes up (all of which I'm sure he took to heart), I moved the box to the kitchen table.

He immediately started to wail and cry and throw himself around like a dying fish.

I guess he didn't hear my apologies.

He ran over to the kitchen table and pointed to where I put the box and said, "daaah, thaaa, thaaa, THAAAA, DAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!"

And this, my dear friends, is my son's first bubble-burst thanks to his mom. I'm sure he'll remember it forever.

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