Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Vacation cancelled.

After Mateo got sick again, and after the whole exploding eye incident from last week, my husband and I decided it would be better for us not to take our measly three days off in June and to save those days for more sicknesses and weird incidents that lay ahead of us.

While this is sad, it's just plain smart to do.

I did make one of them "wow, she's so smart" statements when we were trying to figure out if taking those days off was going to bite us in the butt later on: The beach isn't going anywhere.

Actually, I think I really used "ain't" and not "isn't," but that's beside the point.

And hey, we just saved ourselves a lot of money!


Mom, Grandma, Coach said...

The BIG one might come and the beach could disappear!

jmz said...

There's always just water?