Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Girl parties? I don't do girl parties.

Remember that birthday party we went to on Sunday? As we were walking out, the husband of a high school friend of my husband walked out with us. (I know, that's confusing, but I don't like to name names). As we left the house he said, "So M was thinking of throwing a girl party sometime this summer....blah blah blah."

I did a mental check and realized I was the only girl around, so that means he was suggesting I attend this "girl" party.

Let me break it down:

1. These people are my husband's friends and only are my friends by default.
2. I abhor the idea of being in a room with a bunch of girls as girls tend to act crazy and bitchy and I'm sorry, I need a dosage of testosterone in the room with me if I'm around a bunch of girls.
3. I tend to like to hang out with guys more than girls.
4. I don't have much time to myself as it is, so why would I want to spend time that is being given to me by my husband to spend time with his girl friends?

Then the husband of the friend mentioned that his wife, M, was planning on calling the lingerie lady for the girl party. That's when I almost lost it. Me and lingerie have NEVER been friends. Especially now that I'm a rather robust person and I have a toddler in my life who manages to get snot, food and slobber all over my clothes. I prefer my comfy bag lady ensemble to lingerie.

The husband said to my husband that the "men" would take care of the "kids," probably stay out in the backyard or something.

"Can I hang out in the backyard with the men?" I asked. Because really, that's what I'd rather be doing.

Side story: Another friend of my husband was getting married, and the fiancee and he were having a co-ed bridal / groom shower. That's the only reason why I said I would go because while I sorta knew the guy, I really didn't know the girl at all, and all the girls invited I definitely would not know, and I'm just never in the mood to be friendly and make new friends.

So we walked into the house where the shower was being held, and it was full of girls. No guys. Just girls. I felt stupid because I was duped. My husband felt stupid because he was the only guy.

Come to find out, they decided to split the shower, sending the men to another house around the corner to drink and do what men do. Since I understand more what men do than what women do, I was sent off with my husband (much to the annoyance of his friend and all the other males there, I'm sure).

I had a much better time with the guys than I would of had with the girls. Whether or not the guys had a much better time with me than if they were left alone, I don't know and don't care.

End of side story.

In answer to my question about hanging out with the guys, the husband said, "What? Ah, come on!" like hanging out with a bunch of girls, looking at lingerie, drinking booze and having the constant feeling like I have to buy one of these lingerie pieces by the end of the night was a fabulous and fun idea.

The topic got changed because of Mateo and something he did, and the husband, who tends to not be the brightest bulb in the box, forgot what he was saying, but then my husband, who is a polite and nice fellow, brought it up again and told him to tell M to call him.

I think my husband and I both know how I feel about a girl party. So much so, that I didn't even say anything about it on the way home. Neither did he. It's like it was never brought up to begin with....

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