Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Feral children are on everyone's mind.

One of my posts that gets constant hits is the one I wrote about my fascination with feral children.

I'm certain this post will get hits as well because I'll write it again: feral children. Feral, feral, feral!

Why are you, you who happened upon my blog via google, interested in feral children?

I know why I am.

First, I don't get how any person could not care for his / her child and leave the child to rot outside in a cage or fend for them self by finding scraps to eat. Or worse.

Second, I really would like to know all the details about a child reared by animals. Supposedly it has happened. My two cats are pretty clueless, one can't kill a bug right in front of her nose and throws up constantly (she may be visiting the vet tomorrow, in fact), and the other likes to hunt lights shining in from the outside, from laptop monitors, from DVD surfaces, flashlights, etc.. I don't see either one of them being able to rear their own kittens.

Third, I would like to know how the children, when adults, survive every day life, that is assuming they have been placed into some sort of care to help elevated some of the mental abuse (and probably physical abuse) received for so long as a child.

I'm also very interested in how people turn evil or if they're born that way. And, if you're going to just completely ignore the fact that your child is a living creature that needs love and security, then you're pretty darn evil in my book.

So what says you, you searchers of the feral children, you lurky lurkers?

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