Friday, June 20, 2008

Give up the seat already!

Some minor details I must give before going into my story.

  • It was, oh, about 95 degrees going home today, at 5PM. On public transportation, that means it's oh, about 150 degrees with a ton of human stink added to the mix (including my stanky feet - I fully admit my feet are STANKY).
  • BART is on an alternate, much SLOWER schedule than normal due to some fire in May. Due to this fire, it's added an additional 10-20 minutes onto people's commutes. Going home is much worse than going to work.
  • Now that gas costs half a paycheck, more people are taking BART in lieu of driving.
  • Men still don't give up their seats for anyone, including pregnant women and handicap folks. Unless you're my husband, then you will (that's why I keep him around).

Okay. So with that said. I managed to get my coveted window seat going home. A middle aged man...wait, I'm middled aged or just about...a man older than myself was sitting in the aisle seat next to me. Miraculously, the bench facing us had two women sitting on it. Very very rare these days for three women to sit. Very rare indeed.

The man passed out (conveniently) after I blocked my iPod from his view. I so hate looky-loos. You can't hear, why would you possibly want to watch something when you don't even know what is going on? At some point he came too. I knew this because he sat himself up straight. His BART sleeping technique was chin the chest.

And older man was standing right behind the man next to me. For ease of story, we'll call the man next to me 'Lazy' and the older man 'man.'

Man says to no one in particular "I've been standing up all day! I tell you!" But not in a complainy way. Just in an I'm an older man and I'm tired, and I've been standing up all day, working like a dog at my job, and that's just how it is, and now I'm trying to get my tired bones home, and here I am standing.

Lazy says, "Oh really?" PAUSE..... "Here, take my seat...."

Man says, "Oh no, it's okay! I stand on my feet all day, I'm so used to it, but thank you very much."

And older lady was standing in the aisle in front of man and Lazy. She says something good in good humor.

Lazy says, "Oh, okay."

That's right, no insistence, nothing. Not even a nod to the older lady to ask her is she might want his seat.

Man says, "Thank you very much, but I don't mind standing. I stand for a living."

Lazy says, "Oh, I couldn't do that. I sit all day. There is NO WAY I could stand all day!"

Man says something, lady says something, laughter, guffaws, etc..

Then Lazy has the nerve to talk about how his commute is oh so much longer now, that he doesn't normally take BART at this time, and so he can't believe how crowded it is and whoa is me and so on and so forth.

The lady keeps talking to him, and he never once offers his seat to her.

I am sickened by people like Lazy. I know he only offered his seat because man said what he said, which in and of itself is sorta annoying because why say that if you aren't going to take a seat offered to you, but still.

And before you ask why I didn't get up and give my seat to anyone, I was watching my iPod and simply could not be bothered. Plus, if I had to stand up, my feet would have sweat more and the train would of had to be evacuated. For every one's safety, it's best I was seated.

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