Monday, June 23, 2008

Vacation panic.

Countdown: -5 days to go and we're officially on our "mini" vacation.

How many times have I ran through lists of things I need to pack and all the stuff I need to do before we go: 100,394 times. Wait...100,395.

To alleviate some brain worries, I actually typed up a list for all the items we need for Mateo. It's now about a page long. And I really haven't alleviated any brain worries, I'm just now worried my list will never end or I'm still going to forget something.

We never managed to go grocery shopping this past weekend, so we've been eating take-out or cereal for meals (Fatty McGoo will be back come Monday, I promise. I got a wedding to go to in August and I don't want to wear a mu-mu.) I was going to go grocery shopping after picking up Mateo from daycare tonight, but he had other plans and wanted to whine and cry, so I figured it was going to be torture for me and him if we went.

On tonight's menu: The last thing in the house besides Mateo food. Eggs and hash browns. I might even whip up some tasty eggs in the nest! Call me Chef de Cuisine!

And to top off everything and my poor planning, I looked up events in Monterey this weekend. Blues Festival. Starting Friday. Through Sunday.

So depending on many factors out of my control so I'm trying to tell myself not to worry about them, we may be staying at our hotel resort with the golf carts and beach right out our door the whole weekend and venturing out purely for food and milk, or we may attempt a trip to the Aquarium to look at fish and touch some ocean creatures.

Not to mention clam chowder in a bread bowl.

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