Sunday, June 29, 2008

I am a sucker.

Mateo had his grumpasaurus moments today. And since I was still getting over whatever illness I obtained last week (kindergerms), I couldn't be a full goofy mom with him. His attempts at playing turned into much frustration on both our parts, and I ended up slightly abused and rather perturbed at my child.

My list of abuses today were:

1. A full sippy cup slammed on big toe. I managed not to cry or swear. Or run off and hide in the bathroom while I cried and swore.

2. Plenty of "nnnnooooooooe"s followed by slaps. "Nooooeeee" is his new favorite word. I hate his new favorite word.

3. A good punch to the eye. After saying "ow!", he began to laugh. Because anything that causes an "ow" from someone is very funny. Veeeeerrry funny indeed.

4. Lots of hair pulling.

5. T-shirt and then hair grabbed by hands full of refried beans. I pretty much lost it then and walked out of the kitchen, telling my husband, "He's not my child. I'm done. I'm leaving. My child would so not do that to me!!!" I still have beans in my hair, thank you very much.

Then comes bed time. And Mateo actually sat through three books with no pacifier in his mouth and no page grabbing and no fussing and no screaming over my reading. He actually sat very intently, pointing to different things while telling me about them after I was done reading the page. Before that, he very gently gave his daddy these cute side hugs. It was almost like he was whispering something special to him. Even though he wasn't doing it to me, it definitely pulled at my heart strings.

After I finished the last book, Mateo finished his milk, and then settled down. No fussing, no yelling at me, no insisting to sit up straight or be let down. The most he did was touch my face with his chubby hand.

While we listened to his lullaby CD, I rubbed his forehead and arm. His eyes slowly closed, then opened, then closed. While still awake, but only slightly, I put him down in his crib. Not a single peep came from him.

I left and walked into the kitchen and told my husband, "He just made up for all the things he did to me today."

Dang I love that little dude, beans in my hair and all.

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