Sunday, June 29, 2008

Why Moms can't get sick.

First reason, and the most obvious: The

Poof! All common sense is gone cause mom's got a massive headache, sore throat and is completely disengaged from her body, mind and reality.

Second reason: The momless child simply won't eat. Why? Because mom usually takes care of this and so if she's off being sick, then momless child only gets slices of cheese for lunch.

Okay. I could go on and on, but why don't I just tell my little tale of me getting sick on Friday and how this drastically screwed up our weekend.

For some reason, me telling my husband that I had a sore throat, killer headache and swollen, painful lymph nodes wasn't enough of an indication that I was sick. He did tell me Friday morning he thought it was from the smokey atmosphere outside and that I wasn't really sick. I said I don't think my nodes would be hurting this much if it was just the air outside.

It wasn't until Saturday morning, when I finally dragged my sick and tired butt out of bed at 7:30ish (answering the screams and wails of my poor momless child), that my husband finally "got" that I was sick. And why? Because I sad I had a cold.

"You didn't say that yesterday!" he said to me.

I looked at him.

"What did I say yesterday?" I asked.

"You said you weren't feeling well."

"And what is the difference???" I asked.

Our poor momless child was acting like a complete wild fussy boy because my husband was trying to get him to take a nap. Seems Mateo woke up before 4am and my husband couldn't get him back to sleep. It was obvious Mateo was tired. But it was also obvious that something else was wrong.

"What has he eaten?" I asked.

"Eaten? Well....he's a had a lot of milk," he told me. He said this like it was something Mateo did on his own. Like it was his choice to drink a lot of milk.

He continued, "And a cereal bar."

Let's see. A lot of milk and one cereal bar. He's been up since before 4am, and it's now 7:30am. By now, if I had been up with him, he would of had a cereal bar, a banana and some yogurt. Not all at once, but definitely all three within three hours.

"He's acting this way because he's tired and hungry," I said. "There is no way he'll go down unless he's got a full belly."

"But he's tired," my husband told me.

"I know, but he won't settle down until his belly is full." I got up and went into the kitchen to get him some yogurt. I fed him the yogurt, and then we went into the living room to eat the banana. My husband was back in bed due to the lack of sleep. And yes, I know how it is because I do this same get up really early every Saturday and Sunday routine with Mateo, and I too am very tired after just a few hours of being up. So that's why, even though I was dead tired and sick and just wanted to go back to bed myself, I told my husband to go sleep and get some rest.

Mateo took a nice two hour nap after he ate all his breakfast.

Later my husband decided to take Mateo to the Mall and to return some things at Target. I had just woken up from a nap, so I didn't know what was going on during my sleep. Since the breakfast incident worried me, the first thing I wanted to know was if Mateo had lunch.

"Did he eat lunch yet?" I asked.

"Oh, yeah. He had two slices of cheese and a banana."

Okay. Two slices of cheese and a banana. While that might sound like a lot, that's definitely not enough food nor the right kind of food a growing toddler needs. Mateo was acting very similar to the way he was in the morning: feet stomping, body throwing, wails and cries.

"You might want to bring some snacks with you," I said. On second thought, I realized I couldn't send Mateo out into the world the way he was acting. I wanted to teach my husband a lessen that kids actually do need to sit down and eat, otherwise they act like complete brats, but I love my baby too much to let him out while hungry. "Actually, I think he's hungry and needs to eat."

My husband huffed, began washing the tray to his high chair, and I started heating up some food for Mateo. Mateo gladly sat down to his meal, ate and then declared himself finished by tossing food on the floor.

Today went much better even though I didn't do my normal things I do, like getting up with Mateo (while I did try, I was told to go back to bed), and feeding him, and playing with him, and doing the normal morning routine things until my husband was back from the gym. I think my husband finally got that Mateo needs to eat more than one item per mealtime with plenty of snacks in between.

I still don't get how the whole world seemed to fall apart because I wasn't up and doing my normal weekend stuff. I still don't get why I wasn't believed when I said I was sick. And I still don't get why when my husband is sick, he can lay around, watching TV or sleeping, but when I get sick, I'm a bother because I can't think straight and just need to rest.

With that all said, it's another good reason why we didn't go to Monterey this weekend. Sickness, fires and being stressed out are all fine reasons to stay home.

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