Sunday, June 01, 2008

Let this be a lesson to YOU.

Yesterday my husband came into the living room and announced, "I hate My Space!"

I asked why. It was particularly weird that he was even on My Space because he's not the type to network socially; in fact, all he does on Facebook is play Scrabulous with me all day long while at work.

He said he got a friend request, and so he went and looked, and the friend request included a picture of a baby, and so he thought, "I need to see what's up with this baby."

(No, my husband isn't a weirdo who likes babies, he's a parent and a father and just happens to have babies on the brain.)

So he went to the page and it immediately wanted to run some program, which then caused the anti-virus protection program to work overtime. Eventually whatever was being downloaded was removed.

Now my husband is refusing all friend requests, including wayward babies, and is mad at My Space for allowing such things to happen to innocent fathers and parents.

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