Saturday, May 31, 2008

Movie Night #2!

Since our DVD player decided after movie night #1 to up and die while still holding the DVD inside of it, I never got to watch the end of A History of Violence. My husband has yet to perform surgery on the DVD player to get the DVD out (it's Netflix's DVD, so we sorta, kinda have to get it out), and then move the DVD player in our bedroom into the living room. But I'm sure he'll get to it, along with caulking the kitchen sink (way over two years past due - yikes, can't wait for the sink to fall into the cabinet), cleaning up the back patio, putting up the new blinds in our bedroom (I bought those about two years ago too), the heater / A/C filter thing that hasn't been cleaned since we replaced our furnace and got A/'s it for now.

Anyhoo. We have a voucher from Comcast to watch an On Demand movie on them, so we watched Juno last night. Even though I was dead tired, I managed to stay up til 10pm to watch the whole thing.

I've been wanting to watch Juno for ages. And even with all the hype and snippets shown on TV, I was still surprised by the plot. One part of the movie made my husband and I have a little chat about when a woman realizes she's a mother vs. when a male does, and it made me awfully sad and sentimental and I wanted to go into Mateo's room and grab him and rock him while he cried because I woke him up to satisfy my incessant need to love up my baby.

It also made my ovaries ache a bit more.

I call that a successful movie night, don't you?

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