Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Let's just bring back foot binding!

I just saw a video on Yahoo about high heels for babies age 0-6 months. I started this post off differently and then went back and changed it. I was going to put a direct link to the web site, so everyone could enjoy the ridiculousness known as high heels for babies, but then I thought, why should I? If you, dear reader, are that interested in seeing these stupid shoes, you have your clues, go head on over to google and search to your heart's content. You might not find the actual site, but you'll find plenty sites discussing it.

Back to the video: The two women who invented this atrocity and who were being interviewed have got to be the stupidest women on the face of the earth. One lady said she didn't equate high heels with sex and seemed perplexed at the thought that others would. She didn't see any problem with putting the stupid shoes on a baby because the shoes would be baby's "first pair of high heels" and hey, let's just go ahead and start them early.

If I had a baby girl, I would dread the day she would want to look like a mini adult. While high heels don't necessarily equal sex to me either, I do believe that they have a social, sexual and oppressive stigmata. Then you have to think about all the creeps out there who view children and infants as sexual objects. They're sick enough as it is, so why would you want to add fuel to their fire by sexing up your child?

We went to birthday party for a girl turning three, and one of the gifts she received was a bikini. All the women guests oooohed and aaaaahed over it, the person who gave it was proud as a peacock, and my husband and I were baffled.

My husband, who usually doesn't find things weird like I do, told me he felt it was inappropriate and weird, and it was even more weird how all the women acted. I said that I wasn't sure a bikini was a good way to go for a little girl, but then, it might just be how the world is these days that makes us think this way. Obviously not everyone feels the same way we do, otherwise there'd be no market for high heel crib shoes or bikinis for little girls.

I don't much like high heels for adults let alone teenagers and not to mention 5-year-old pageant girls. Babies? Come on. A bit too much.

So it makes me wonder....make-up for babies? Bras for babies? Jock straps for babies? S & M outfits for babies?

Get real people.

Now I must go dress my little boy in a tux and top hat and find his cane.

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