Monday, June 09, 2008

Movie Morning in lieu of Movie Night!

With the maybe broken DVD player, a husband who refuses to decide on which DVD ripper he wants to purchase and download so we can copy DVDs to iTunes, and no extra funds to rent an On Demand movie, there was no movie night this weekend.

However, a few weekends ago, while trying to find some stupid MMA / boxing / let's just beat each other up while in sex positions channel, we realized we get Encore. And like 7 different channels of Encore (with themes such as "love" and "action" and "family"). And yes, while Encore doesn't really have the newest movies out there or the best movies or the movies I would like to watch all the time, it does have some that I've been meaning to watch but just never have. Like:

The Queen
The Libertine
The Holiday

I turned Sunday morning into Movie Morning and during the thirty or so minutes Mateo will actually sit still and relax with me after waking up, I began to watch it. Now I have three movies I need to finish because I still never finished History of Violence or Smokin' Aces.

Where is that DVD ripper....?

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