Tuesday, June 10, 2008

One thing I like, one thing I don't.

I like that not only do we get channel after channel of movie goodness from Encore, but I just found out yesterday that we get On Demand movies as well. It seems, from my slight scan through, that all the movies they are currently showing for the month are also available On Demand. This means no more recording on the DVR and taking up space. Which means more room for all the stupid shows I tend to find and want to watch. To my husband it would mean more room to record stupid MMA. This also means I can watch movies in our bedroom instead of watching the recorded movies in the living room. This means laziness can abound!

What I'm not liking is that I'm accident pron and not very graceful, nor do I take time to manicure my nails, so they are jagged and dangerous. I don't like that when I was hurriedly brushing my hair, I dug out a line of skin on the side of my face with said jagged nail while reaching up to pull the brush through my way too long hair. I really don't like that it still stings, an hour later.

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