Wednesday, July 09, 2008

Husbands and TV: A repeat.

I've written about this before. And I will do so again and again, including today.

Why do men get so weirded out when the lady (or man) in their life doesn't want to sit and watch an hour of recorded TV with them?

This week has been not too tiring, not too stressful, not too boring, dull, annoying, etc. It's just been...okay. And what comes with okay to me is being able to relax a bit after a certain time at night, which also means not being tied to the TV for an hour (which normally lasts much longer due to pauses for conversation or pee breaks or having to obsessively take care of something (both he and I are victims of such obsessions)).

Each night this week, we've started watching a recorded show, and I've either gotten lost in my laptop or just wandered off only to be eventually found and asked, "why'd you leave?"

Tonight we started the finale of Hell's Kitchen, but we both found out who won in the morning when someone blasted the winner on their Facebook status update. My husband started sweeping the floor while we were still watching, so I got up and started helping by cleaning up our dishes and TV trays. Then I said I was going in our bedroom.

"Don't you want to watch?" he asked me.

"But I know who won. I'm tired," I said.

About 10 minutes later I was followed in by my husband who started playing Scrabulous with me, which is just about the same as watching a TV show - it keeps me trapped until I say "NO MORE SCRABULOUS! This lady is going to bed!!"

Maybe I should hole up in the bathroom with a book for a good hour....

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