Saturday, July 26, 2008

I must share.

I love reading the odd google search terms people use and then somehow get to my blog. Some are just regular things like "gold crown stickers" and "baby proof litter box" and "husband TV."

But there was one today that was just the topper of toppers:

"Is it okay to put petroleum jelly in my butt."

Certainly this person didn't find their answer on my blog, and I'll apologize ahead of time to the person who searched this question in case they do it again and mysteriously end up on my blog again because I just posted the search term verbatim.

So why did they end up on my blog? Because of this post, which in no way discusses putting petroleum jelly in any one's butt. This post has actually been one of my most popular, as it seems people get little cuts on the side of their mouths a lot.

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