Thursday, July 17, 2008

New design: Meet Artemis, an elephant.

Artemis is waiting for you on Zazzle. You and see him by looking at my slide show over to the left, there. Zazzle is so much nicer than Cafe Press. Once I get my Grumpasaurus and Triple Threat shirts moved to Zazzle, my Cafe Press stores are shutting down and never to return. I just don't like how they have their site set up and the quality of their products is sub par. Zazzle hasn't disappointed me yet.

I'm thinking Artemis might be the start of a character line which will turn into characters for a children's book since I've always wanted to create one. I still love children's books, and now I'm so glad I have a kid so I can buy more and more and more of them!

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Kmommy said...

I so hear you about the kids books! I used to buy tons for my nephew and always hated handing them over :) It *is* great to be able to buy those kids books for your own :) Of course mine still eat their books and tear them to shreds :(