Saturday, July 19, 2008

Ah, sleep.

I take Mateo to daycare Fridays and my husband picks him up. Normally I either take him and pick him up or just pick him up - it depends on the day.

I usually look forward to my Friday mornings, even though I still get up at the icky hour of 3:50 AM, because I get to spend about 20-30 minutes alone with my dear pal, laptop.

Yesterday was no exception. I was uploading pictures to Mateo's blog while watching Big Brother 10. Each picture was taking a really long time to upload, so at about 5:35 AM I decided to put my head down for a little rest. I was going to wake up Mateo in 10 minutes to start the morning a nice little 10 minute head lay down sounded really nice.

When I opened my eyes, I realized our bedroom was unusually bright. And that my laptop was blank because it went into standby mode. And that it was 6:30 AM.

I kept staring at the clock, thinking, why is it 6:30? Then...why didn't my husband wake me up before he left? Then...wait, was I asleep when he left? Then...where's Mateo? I heard him murmuring over the baby monitor. Then...was I asleep when my husband left? Why'd he just leave and let me sleep? (I really wanted to blame this on him.) I really need to go into work? Can't I just stay home and keep sleeping? I remembered it was basically impossible for two reasons: 1. I had a 10 AM meeting and 2. my co-worker (as in, I really only have one co-worker) works at home on Fridays.

I got my butt up and by then had wasted 5 minutes trying to clear the cobwebs from my brain and trying to remember exactly what happened an hour ago and how I found myself sleeping for an hour, causing my hair to go all funky since I was lying on it for that hour.

I got Mateo's milk and went into his room. He was standing in his crib, waiting for someone to come get him (probably thinking, "where momma? where dadda?" like I was thinking "where's Mateo?" earlier). He had pooped, so instead of giving him his milk, I changed his diaper, then changed his clothes, and then figured since I was now in a rush, I slathered his sunblock on him. After putting him down, I handed him his sippy cup and walked out of his room, going into our bedroom to change my clothes.

About 30 seconds later, he whipped around the corner and came into our bedroom, all smiles. For some reason this rush-rush-RUSH business was quite humorous to him. I got dressed, tried to fix my funky hairdo, slapped on some deodorant, told Mateo to come with me, brushed his teeth, put his shoes on, put his hoodie on, put him in the stroller and out the door we went. We left the condo by 6:50 AM. Record time, and thankfully, Mateo was cooperating with me (for once!).

We made it to daycare by 7 AM, and I was on BART in enough time to catch the 7:20 AM train. Which made me late, but not as late as I thought when I first shook off my stupor.

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Kmommy said...

Sounds like something I would do. I've learned to really try not to lay my head down - even for a minute ;) I get everyone else up in the am... so if I oversleep, so does everyone...