Thursday, July 03, 2008

Okay, okay. It's DELL.

I'm as mad as a box of frogs! I could spit! Wait, let me just go ahead and do that, and then I'll be right back....


I received my answer to my questions from yesterday.

1. There aren't any parts available, and so it's going to take longer to get me my adapter.

Hmmm. That's odd. Okay. Fine. Whatever. Single word comments equate immense anger.

2. My AC Adapter is not under warranty - any longer. And it would be a separate warranty from my laptop. Of course it would be. Why not.

So it looks like I'll be in the suckiest club in town until I decide to get rid of my laptop.

I think I'll go purchase myself a new AC Adapter right now. That way, when one of the two dies, I'll have one at the ready. Then I'll just order another one. And so on and so forth.

I'll be making t-shirts soon about being a member of the suckiest club in town known as being a DELL laptop owner. If you want one, send your orders in.

(Ingenious way of making revenue so I can keep paying my membership dues, huh?)

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