Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Playmobil rocks.

Over to the left there you'll notice a nice slide show of items you can buy on I've spent many hours randomly looking for things that I find interesting. Today I came across a lovely set of guinea pigs made by Playmobil. Do I need to say I was hooked? Just because of some guinea pigs? Okay, I was hooked.

There's also the friendly butcher shop you can buy. Who doesn't love to play with a butcher action figure wielding a knife while cuts of meat hang from a rack?

And for you laundry lovin' ladies, you too can have your very own laundry room setup, vacuum, while you'd think would be an extra, is included.

I for one have my eye on this spectacular office setup. I could have my very own office in my very own cube!

And then there is the land of ginormous household items! If that toothbrush and toothpaste get any bigger, "boy cleaning teeth" will soon be "toothbrush and toothpaste kill small boy by crushing him to death."

For the marine animal lovers who just happen to have kids not afraid to bottle feed a baby seal while the mom seal looks on, you can purchase "Child with Seal."

I got caught at work with this beautiful chicken coop set on my computer screen. The person who saw it sorta shimmied around my cube wall after seeing it. The only thing redeeming me is that everyone knows I have a kid. Why my kid would want a chicken coop toy set? That's another story.

And the piece de resistance is....VULTURES!

Are you convinced that Playmobil rocks? Go find your own Playmobil treasures. Seems anything and everything is out there. Almost. And the things you would never think they'd make (butcher shop), they do! And the things you wished they made (boss), they don't. Hit or miss, Playmobil simply is the coolest thing - ever.

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