Tuesday, July 22, 2008

One of them BART peeps.

I've complained over and over about the people who take BART are generally stupid or just plain rude. Sometimes they attack. You can't get more diverse than a train full of random people.

Yesterday I was waiting in my usual line while listening to a podcast. The Dublin/Pleasanton train arrived and left, then the Fremont train arrived. The BART driver announced what train it was. The doors nearest my line didn't open. I saw the stickers on the door, which meant the doors weren't going to open, but the BART driver wasn't saying anything about that.

I, and the rest of the Fremont train people, stood still. Honestly I was waiting for the other doors on the car to open. And since I couldn't see further down the train, I just assumed the doors hadn't opened yet. And maybe I'm a little sheep-like. Just a tad.

That's when everyone in my line started hightailing it to the next car to get onto the train before the train operator (who was now showing signs of verbal annoyance with us all) decided to close up shop and take off.

I followed suit.

As soon as the doors closed to the car, the operator told us all as a reminder that the doors on the first car would not open (dummies). And at each stop, after the doors had closed, the BART operator announced that the doors weren't going to open on the first car. And he did so with much annoyance in his voice.

The obvious question is why didn't he make these announcements as soon as the train arrived so that everyone waiting for the first car could start walking to the next cars and actually get on the train. But this is BART. And BART doesn't always make sense.

In the past, I would have been one of those who were totally with it and knew the doors weren't going to open. Before any of the people waiting to get onto the car realized what was going on, I'd be sitting pretty on the train, thinking, "man, what a bunch of idiots!"

Now I'm just as stupid as everyone else it seems.

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Kmommy said...

Man, sounds like a big hassle. Glad I don't have to commute like that.
Hair/Pelitos is a great book! I bought it for my nephew years and years ago! And will buy it for mine once they quit with the eating and ripping of books.