Monday, July 21, 2008

New things about my wean.

I taught Mateo how to blow kisses along with a very loud "mmmmmawwwww" sound. So he's been doing that all weekend, the most while at Trader Joe's, where he was blowing random kisses to women. Part of our deal of where I teach him this smooth move and he uses it, is that he was only supposed to blow kisses to me. He's already learning how not to listen to me.

I've got a little Casanova on my hands, I tell you.

He's starting to say "go, go, go" because I say that a lot to him when I'm trying to get him moving faster and to stop lollygagging.

Yesterday we were hanging outside in the “greenbelt” (I just love that term), both of us sitting on a bench (okay, I was sitting, Mateo was standing and trying to fall on his head as I kept a firm hand on any part of his body or clothes that couldn't get away from me), when we both noticed an old woman pushing a shopping cart from the Foodmaxx across the street. She full-on Froggered it and didn’t cause any accidents either!

I had a brief moment where I thought I should be nice and unlock the gate for her since she was heading our way. I had a quick vision of me letting go of Mateo for that split second, him careening over the back of the bench, landing on the cement and cracking his delicate skull open, which was enough for me to sit still and keep hanging on to him.

When the lady got inside the courtyard area (adjacent to the greenbelt, of course), she slowly pushed the shopping cart off to her condo unit, as do many residents at our condo complex.

That’s when Mateo started saying, “Go, go, go! Go, go, go!” towards the lady. Luckily it wasn’t really loud or coherent enough for anyone but me to hear it.

So what I’ve learned about my baby boy this weekend: He’s a Casanova in training and he’s slightly rude. Half his daddy and half his mommy.


Kmommy said...

damn, lost my first comment...
Hilarious! What a cutie.
was just looking through your amazon list. The house on mango street is one of my top 2 favorite books! (the other is The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven by Sherman Alexie, which is strangely similar in a way). And I can't believe I overlooked a new David Sedaris book!!! If I wasn't broke and moving in a week I would so be out the door to the bookstore right now!!!

Nut Nut said...

I've seen the Sherman Alexie book over and over on Amazon, but I never really read about it. So...I just hopped on over to Amazon, read up, and added it to my wishlist! So thanks for the mention!

Kmommy said...

I had to go get my amazon widget! how cool! Have you earned anything from it?

Nut Nut said...

I have, but it takes a few months to get any money from them. I'm DYING to get my money so I can buy more books. I think I'll see my first chunk of change in August.

Good luck with yours! : )