Monday, July 14, 2008

What I learned about my child this weekend.

It's pretty amazing; Mateo seems to change so fast these days that I thought I might post weekly updates about the new things I've learned he can do (and some he's been doing for some time, but it takes a master of rearing children to open my eyes and see the baby light).

So these are the things I've learned about my wean this past weekend:

1. He has added "where'd it go? where'd he go? where'd dada go?" to his vocabulary along with "sit," "down," and "up."

I never realized he was saying "where'd it go?" until Grandma informed me. I think this is something he has been saying for some time now, but more the inflection of it. This morning (2:30AM to be exact) he said it clear as day when I dropped his pacifier on the rug when I was attempting to plug him up and get him back to sleep.

My husband has heard "down" before, but I never have until he was sitting at his new desk and I kept asking him if he wanted down, and he would say "no!" When he finally did want down, he would say, "down? down?" while trying to get the chair to move. When he first saw the desk Sunday morning, he walked over to the chair and said, "sit?"

I'm not sure why everything is a question to him, but as long as he's talking, I'm all for it.

2. He pat, pat, pats his lap or belly when watching the part on Little Einsteins where the kids have to pat their laps to get the ship moving.

3. He blows kisses. I've showed him this all weekend, but he never did it until this morning - totally unprovoked at that. My heart melted.

4. He can "sssshhhhh" by putting his finger up to his mouth. He thinks this is funny and doesn't get that it means to be quiet, but regardless, it's really cute.

So, basically, my kid is a genius. And next weekend he'll be even more of a genius because I'm sure there will be more to post. Jealous? Haven't received a blown kiss from you child today? Don't be a hater.

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