Monday, July 14, 2008

Remember that shirt I made?

Well, let me tell you this, Cafepress sucks big stanky monkey toes. And I don't mean the Mateo-kind.

Now let me tell you why. The quality of the shirt leaves a lot to be desired. I can forgive this since it's a toddler shirt, and who cares, said toddler will only be wearing it for so long. But what I can't forgive is ordering a 2T and receiving at 12 months shirt*, essentially making my child look like a belly-showing hustler, out to get some love.

*note my child is 17 months old, way past the 12 months stage.

At first, I actually thought the shirt was too big, since most 2Ts are too big for Mateo, and then when I looked at the tag and saw "12 months" on it, I was really perturbed because even it is does fit him okay, it's not going to for long.

I got onto Cafepress's web site and submitted my "I want a freaking replacement, like NOW, you losers who can't get things correct if a bat bit you in the neck." In the box, I stated I ordered a 2T and received a 12 months. Very soon after I received an e-mail from a CR telling me she was sorry the shirt didn't fit and that she wanted me to be happy and therefore as a lovely parting gift, I can keep the shirt because they ("they" being Cafepress) didn't want me to have to pay for shipping to return the shirt.

What the?

So I wrote back, thanking the CR, but also making it very clear that it wasn't my fault the shirt didn't fit, in fact, it was Cafepress's fault, and I had stated this in my original message to the company.

The CR wrote me back:

I do apologize that Cafepress sent you the incorrect size. However, you replacement order does contain the correct size that you order. You are scheduled to recieve your replacement order by July 23rd.

I hope this helps.

Suuuuure, that helps. Yeah, okay. So I have to wait forever to get a shirt I ordered over a two weeks ago.

The misused words and misspelled words are in bold. Apparently CRs are required to answer all email responses, without benefit of a form email. Why are CRs afraid of spellcheck?

Of course, when I got home with Mateo tonight, I had to put the shirt on him to test out the shirt's cuteness (very) and how cute Mateo looks wearing it (really). Getting the shirt made helped me realize some minor tweaks I need to make to the illustration, so I guess it wasn't all that bad, and even though it looks like a half shirt on Mateo, of course I'll make him wear it until his replacement shirt arrives.

Oh, but that's not all. Someone else bought a Grumpasaurus product, a mug, to be exact, which was received by this person yesterday. Cafepress did a fabulous job of shipping, and the handle of the mug arrived broken in three pieces. When this person emailed Cafepress about the mug being broken, she got the exact same response I got by the exact same person. Well, except for the shirt not fitting part.

Zazzle, here I come.

You can view my model wearing the Grumpasaurus shirt here (grumpy model) and here (not so grumpy model).

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