Tuesday, July 15, 2008

What's up with bad service lately?

My sister sent me a coupon code for free Safeway grocery delivery. Since grocery shopping always seems to be a HUGE ASS chore in our household, one that is often left for me to do in the wee hours of Tuesday morning (which I kinda like because there are no otheres around, and those that are are weird and fun to think stories up about, like the Foodmaxx cashier I call "crackhead" cause she acts like she's hopped up on something), I was keen to get my groceries delivered to my door.

I've made a new rule about not shopping at Safeway because I was walking out with a receipt totalling $120 bucks on average, but I tend to do a lot better when shopping online. There aren't really any impulse buys or creative meal plans I can come up with when I actually have to search for things or shop aisles by clicking "next" over and over. Food loses its thrill.

I managed to only spend roughly 70 bucks, which is the best I've done in a long time, with a small extra list of things to purchase at Foodmaxx because I knew I could get them cheaper there. AND I bought chicken breasts and pork tenderloin. How good is that? Amazing!

The delivery guy came and went. I was in my PJs and looking bag ladyish, so my husband dealt with him. Then I was let loose from my hovel (bedroom) to put the groceries away. After I was done, I looked at the receipt again.

Two things were missing:
  • pork tenderloin that was supposed to cost way cheaper, but was listed at $12 something, and
  • a lemon.
The lemon was expensive too for some reason.

So I had to send Safeway an e-mail telling them the delivery guy ran off with my pork and lemon and I wanted my money back. Even though not getting the items delivered is annoying, at least this Service Rep (or CR, as I've been calling them, or "Joel" as he's called himself) didn't respond to me with an idiotic, misspelled e-mail, although it was completely canned. How do I know? Because he used the word "assure" correctly, something most uncanned e-mail writers hardly get correct.

This morning I went to Foodmaxx to pick up the items from my small list I mentioned above. I walked out with about 7 bags of food items and spending almost 50 bucks. In my defense, most of the food items are for Mateo. Although I, myself, do enjoy a mean Ritz Bitz Cheese Cracker sandwich thing on occasion.

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Kmommy said...

Oh man, I would love to live in a city where I could do grocery shopping that way! But sucks that they screwed up! :(
BTW, I left something for you on my blog! :)