Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Why does my laptop manufacturer (who I'm "this" close to naming) hate me?

Today would be the third business day in the 2-3 business days I should have expected my new replacement AC Adapter. Excited at the prospect of receiving the adapter today, I spent a couple hours last night on my laptop, using only the battery power.

Curious as to when my adapter was shipping, I decided to look up the order on the company's web site.

A couple of things very wrong with what I saw:

1. Order was placed on 7/2. Um, that's today. I was told it was placed on Sunday, June 29th.
2. Ship date: 7/9. That's next week. That's TWO weeks after I first contacted the company. And, since we're all geniuses here, that's definitely WAY longer than 2-3 days. Way longer. WAAAYYYY LONGER!!
3. I'm being billed, or at least the web site is indicating I am. As far as I know, my laptop is under warranty. Unless I'm not understanding things, and that may very well be the case cause I never looked into it nor did I ask, charging me for a defective adapter goes against my warranty.

So instead of just sitting idly by and waiting for my adapter and bill to come to me, I decided it was time to pick up the phone and call the company.

I called the general customer service number. A very loud automated voice yelled at me that if I knew my party's extension, I could enter it now. Otherwise I was to say "Espanol" to talk to someone in Spanish (I know enough Spanish to get that, comes with living with my husband). Since I didn't do anything, I was then asked to choose one of three options, none of which fit my situation, which was just wanting to talk to someone about my issue. After a prompt here and a prompt there, I punched in my order number and waited.

Some lady got on the phone and babbled on about something not working correctly and she needed to ask me two questions about the reason why I was calling. Both of which I answered "no" to.

Then she said, "Since that is the case, I ask that you call back in three hours so you can be directed to the correct person to speak to."

Was I surprised? Not really. Was I mad? Sorta. Did I let her know that? No.

"Okay," I said. Like the loser my laptop manufacturer has deemed me, I had no fight left and I hung up.

Since calling didn't work, I immediately went back to my pal Surmukh and gave him a piece of my mind. While talking to people seems to work quicker and better (that's if they'll talk to you and not tell you to call back in three hours), I prefer to do my stern talking-to in the written format. Gives you time to ponder your thoughts and sound smarter than maybe you really are.

It's been a few hours and my pal has yet to write me back. I'm starting to feel less of a customer and more of a bother.


Mom, Grandma, Coach said...

Do dell us, opps I mean tell.

Nut Nut said...

Dell Dell Dell Dell oh how I hate you Dell.