Monday, August 11, 2008

Mateo teaches me "more" sign language.

Mateo taught me how to sign "more" today on the way home from daycare. He was in the back of the car, per norm and the law, and I was driving. Normally I grab one of the single serving graham cracker or saltines our daycare leaves out, but they didn't have any out today.

Mateo is used to getting his snack on the way home, so he kept saying "moooore" over and over. When we were at a red light, I turned around to see what he was up to. He started saying "moooore" again while signing "more."

It nearly broke my heart because I had nothing for him (we were 1 minute from arriving home, so not to worry) and because he's so darn smart (I know, this isn't hard for kids to learn, but still, come on! My kid is a genius!).

At dinner, I gave him grapes after he was done with his main meal. After he was finished with the first bunch, he signed "more" while saying "moooore." Over and over, I would replenish, he'd eat, he'd tell me verbally and by signing "more."

My boy is smart. And now that he gets that we get the sign for "more," I think we're in trouble.

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