Monday, August 11, 2008

Mid-year resolution.

This post straddles one on my Fatty McGoo blog. As I said on that one, this resolution belongs more over here than it does there.

I've finally got our money caught up as far as going through the credit card bills and reconciling and the bank statements.

Now the tough part begins: I am giving myself until the end of September to get a budget put together that will save us money as well as pay off debt with a little extra left over for some fun. And then I will be presenting this to my dear hubby. And then we might fight a bit. Or he'll just say, "okay," and I'll be left wondering if he's really okay with it (because that's how I am).

Why I'm giving myself so much time? Because the book I bought it like a science project, and since I'm not too smart with the numbers as it is, I certainly need as much time as possible to figure out anything to do with money.

Now that you're done reading this, go to Fatty and read the other one!

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Kmommy said...

ugh, I'm so awful at budgeting and sticking to it and all that stuff...