Monday, August 18, 2008

Why does he have to get smarter and smarter?

So Mateo....

That little boy is killing me with his absolute cuteness and eager to do so much so quickly.

He's started to say "mmmm" when eating something he is particularly fond of. I tell you, it's the cutest thing ever. I've yet to capture it on video, though.

He's babbling nonstop, which isn't so new, but he's making all kinds of new sounds and it just tickles us to listen to him.

He's starting to become embarrassed when we laugh at him for doing something silly. He did some odd chicken dance thing last week, and my husband and I started laughing our heads off. Mateo went to his Daddy and wanted to sit down on his lap, like that was going to get us to stop. He had a look of wonder and annoyance on his face, like he wanted to be pleased at making us laugh, but he wasn't quite sure why we were laughing. Another time, I was putting him to bed, and my husband was saying good night to him. Mateo reached up to give him a hug, and when he was done, he waved at my husband and say, "bye!" It was so abrupt and just goofy that we both started laughing. Mateo got embarrassed and hit me, as in, "stoooooppppp laughing at me!!!", and that just made me laugh even more.

He's saying "oh no" when things drop or fall, which is similar to his months of "uh oh," but more clear.

He can do a somersault.

Man, there are so many other things that happened this past week, but they're all very small things that add up to a lot of changing, and I just can't capture them all.

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