Friday, August 15, 2008

Yet ANOTHER money post. I am a money mess.

Take the Quicken away from me. The receipts, the bills, the remembering. Take. It. All. Away.

I looked at my email this morning, and there was one from our mortgage company stating our payment was never paid and hey, you big dummy, we're letting you know and you just may want to go ahead and pay that, especially since after today, it's really past due even though the real due date was the end of July (15-day grace period).

I looked at it. And thought, why this is simply not true. I did pay it. I know I did. This is one of them "fishing" emails, and I'm smart, so therefore, I shall close this email up right now and delete it.

But see, while I'm smart, I'm also human, so I had to go to my bank statement online to make sure I had paid the mortgage. I looked and looked, and there was NO mortgage payment listed for July.

Regardless, I still kept thinking, I know I paid it. I even put it in Quicken - I remember remembering to add it. I paid it!

So then I went to our mortgage company's web site, logged on, and saw that I indeed never paid the bill for July. I immediately started clicking away, hit the submit button, and was taken to another page where I was to confirm the payment before it truly was submitted. And this is where I think I went wrong in July. Even though I've paid our bill online for months and months, I simply didn't pay attention and navigated away from the web site before confirming our payment.

That's how I roll.

It's one thing to have AT&T email me saying I never paid my bill and I only have a few days left in the payment cycle before it's past due, and another thing to have your mortgage company email you telling you you're a big dummy and haven't paid the bill.

I immediately opened Quicken to input the payment because I figured since I distinctly remember entering the July payment, that means I was in my money haze and was simply making it up, but there you go - I had entered the payment at the end of July. This confirms that I'm insane.

I need to find an accountant who will take care of me and my money woes. Two steps forward, one step back. And I was thinking how odd it was that we had so much in our bank account....

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