Monday, September 15, 2008

Cranes and me do not mix.

I tend to walk in a tunnel vision.

I never noticed this outside my window until I came back from my first bathroom trip of the day.

Granted, it's hard to tell in this picture, which I had to take on the sly, but this crane is only half a block away from my building. And it's much higher than my floor. Which means, if it falls over, it's going to come crashing through my window and squish me.

In a very, very tiny space, a condo building is being constructed, and by the height of this crane, it's going to be a tall one. And that also means this crane will be around for a while.

And all this equals much anxiety for me because I spent most of last night having funky dreams about driving through San Francisco, not wanting to get on the Bay Bridge but I kept finding myself on it, and wanting to be on the Golden Gate Bridge because that was the only way I knew how to get home, but not being able to find the Golden Gate Bridge. (I don't know how to get home from SF via any bridge, by the way, although in a pinch, I'm sure I could figure out the Bay Bridge more than Golden Gate.) And I really hate bridges and heights and the idea that people work high up and it just all creeps me out. So walking back to my desk and seeing this thing sitting there is not doing me a world of good. I walked right by it too when walking to work, and I never noticed it.

At some point, I'll get to spy on the man working in the crane operator car, and maybe every so often I'll watch him climb up the ladder to the car. Because that's the only way to get up there. And that just proves how freaking stupid we humans are.

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