Monday, September 15, 2008

My boy is going to be a star (or so I like to think).

I was going to enter Mateo into the Gap Baby Casting Call last year, but I never did it for whatever reason.

This year I got the e-mail, and I immediately submitted Mateo for the contest (more in hopes in getting tons of free Gap clothes because clothes are way more important than fame, and I have a feeling he's destined to be famous for something (hopefully nothing bad) because he is a true ham).

While all mom's feel their child is the most gorgeous and beautiful baby out there, and I'm definitely one of them, I wanted to share this link with those who have kids or know someone with kids so they can give it a try as well.

I picked the above picture for my submission because it really demonstrates his real personality. (Notice the broom in his hand.)

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Kmommy said...

He *is* absolutely gorgeous!!