Monday, September 22, 2008

Discussion board follies.

This is so unbelievable to me that I had to stop everything and write a post about it.

I'm looking at my class discussion board to see who has said what, if the teacher has decided to cyberally show up, and if there was anything new posted that I could reply to and gain more discussion board points.

As previously mentioned, one discussion topic was to rewrite a sentence so the pronoun and antecedent were correct.

Someone changed the possessive pronouns "he or she" to "their" when the subject is singular! Because, as this person stated, it makes the sentence less awkward. Hello? So what if it is awkward! You just rewrote the sentence so it's incorrect!

And this person spelled "sentence" sentance. Repeatedly. And yes, there is a spellcheck on the discussion boards.

Then another person, someone who described himself as liking to tell people they are wrong when it comes to writing even though he doesn't have any educational background (not that you need to...just saying) in writing or editing until now, said the sentence rewrite was so confusing, he had to take two days to think about it before rewriting the sentence. I'm not sure if he stated that because he wanted to seem thoughtful or because he really didn't get how to rewrite the sentence to make it grammatically correct.

You'd think our teacher would have posted something to the first person I wrote about. Red flags! Red flags, I tell you!


Kmommy said...

Holy cow! Unbelievable!!

Goldfish said...

I committed the they-with-a-singular-verb sin the other day. Intentionally (but reluctantly). My standards are sagging.

Nut Nut said...

I've done it as well. So I shouldn't be so "looky world, there is an idiot in my class!", but since it is a grammar class....

I think I was more appalled by the spelling error. However, now that I think about it again, it was in response to rewriting a sentence.

Writing for blogs or emails or whatnot, I can see being loose. I am. I'm not perfect. I go back an hour or a day later and find mistakes.

But a class? Ugh. Don't know, don't know.