Tuesday, September 23, 2008

My baby is growing up.

I haven't posted many updates on Mateo's development, more so because he wasn't really doing anything new.

Then comes now.

And all of a sudden he's spouting out new words, pointing out items in books and copying us or the TV. The other day I asked him if he was eating a cracker, and he responded, "cwacka." So now I'll say cracker out of the blue just to hear him say "cwacka" because it's so darn cute. He knows what a butterfly is, a dog, a cat (but then, he's been around two of them all his 19 months), a bird, a ball, a book, socks, shoes, fish, star, teddy bear, head, feet, toes, belly, nose, hands. He'll clap with TV characters, he'll pretend to play instruments (as best he can), and he makes car and hammering noises.

His vocabulary consists of:

  • dog
  • cat
  • fish
  • up
  • down
  • all done
  • oh no (and the always dramatic, "OHHHHHH NOOOOOOOOO!")
  • car
  • go
  • bye
  • hi
  • more
  • milk
  • no more
  • banana
  • shoes
  • socks
  • cracker
  • cheese
  • where'd it go
  • where'd she go
  • where'd he go (the one above might really be the same thing, it's hard to tell)
  • momma
  • dadda
  • sit
  • ball
  • bubble
  • nice
  • no
  • yes (so few and far between though)

He's turned into quite the helper, and even though our lives are constantly rush, rush, rush because we're so busy, I will stop everything to let him help, even if it takes forever. He loves holding the canvas shopping totes, he loves taking groceries out of the totes, one by one, gently handing the food item over to me or my husband, he will pass papers or other items between my husband and I, and he's even getting so good with his coordination that he can bring food on a plate (plastic, of course) over to a table and place it down.

He's spending more time playing by himself, and he sometimes prefers that over one of us trying to butt into his fun. His fits and tantrums are lessening (although I'm sure they will be back), and he's more willing to follow me from room to room, doing his own thing, instead of flipping out because I can't hold him until he decides he's done being held. He's turning, dare I curse it, independent. He wants to walk and not be held (sometimes), he will decide to hold my hand and then will do so proudly, he's happy to leave daycare holding his daily artwork instead of ignoring me when I ask him to hold it.

He's less crazy, relaxes more, and is still funny as all get go (that will never change, at least, I hope). He is an extremely loving little boy, and I hope he keeps some of that with him as he grows up because it fits his personality so well.

He's turning into a great little boy.

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Kmommy said...

How awesome is that? What a vocabulary! D was a little slow with the vocab. But he's making up for lost time these days. :) Of course he's the opposite about playing by himself... never been good at that one.