Tuesday, September 02, 2008

Eclectic tastes, that's for sure.

I've tried so many types of foods on Mateo, mostly with no success:
  • soy chicken nuggets
  • real chicken nuggets
  • chicken fingers (like BK chicken fries)
  • bean and cheese burritos
  • chicken noodle casserole (was supposed to be tuna, but apparently I can't read and bought chunk chicken instead of tuna, and what's even more weird is that it tastes of tuna and not really chicken and I actually like it)
  • raviolis
  • cheese sandwiches
  • turkey sandwiches
  • fish sticks
  • mozzarella sticks
  • avocado
  • cottage cheese
  • cream cheese
  • egg in the nest (or toad in a hole)

None of these things appealed to him. I can usually get him to eat a bit of something new before he'll reject it, but lately, if the color resembles something he didn't like in the past, he won't even try it.

Then comes Saturday. I bought some cilantro jalapeno hummus at Trader Joe's during the week because I actually like hummus and I actually like veggies even more. I cracked open the container on Saturday, dipped a carrot in, and thought, I wonder if Mateo will try this.

I called him, he came into the hallway by the kitchen and I offered him the carrot so he could suck off the hummus. He sucked a bit of the hummus off the carrot, made a weird face, and then started up with his "mo, mo, mo."

So out of all the things I've tried on him that he has liked, this is the topper. He surprised me with the spicy flat bread pizzas from Trader Joe's (they aren't spicy-hot, just spicy from spices), he liked a pesto dipping sauce from a Trader Joe's sandwich, and now he likes hummus. And while there are jalapenos in the hummus, it really only tastes of cilantro and has no heat whatsoever.

Now that I think about it, the flat bread pizzas have cooked spinach all over them - and what do these three things have in common? Green.

I think our little boy is growing up vegetarian because I can hardly get him to eat meat as it is, and he seems to love the green foods.

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Kmommy said...

D is the same way! So picky! will hardly eat anything. And if its got meat in it... no way! have to pick all the meat out first... then he *might* take a bite.
But wow, I can't believe Mateo will eat hummus and pesto! I know some adults *ahem, husband* who won't even try such things!