Tuesday, September 02, 2008

First ever no computer and not too much TV day in our house!

It hasn't happened yet, but it's scheduled for this Saturday.

I realized this past LONG 3-day weekend that we three (me, husband, child) don't really spend a lot of time together. Oh, we're in the same condo on the weekends, at least some of us are, but usually we're not all in the same room together. And really, how sad is that?

On Sunday when we were leaving to take Mateo to the park, Mateo was at the door and gave me this look like, "you're coming TOO?" because I hardly go out with my husband and him during the weekends. Mostly because I need some time alone since the child rearing duties fall on me during the weekdays and I hardly get some time alone. Another part is that by Saturday, I'm bone-dead tired because of working and all the child-rearing I do. I'm up and moving from 4am until 8:30pm most days; the only time I get a bit of peace is when I'm on the train going to work and going home. And even then I'm usually passed out from being so tired.

Mateo definitely has my husband and I pegged as to who does what and who is good for what and when and how. I'm the comfort, snuggly, sit on the couch with him parent (this is usually because I have my eyes glued to my laptop). My husband is the let's go on errands or go outside and have fun parent.

So, after this weekend's realization that we're raising our child separately, (okay, not really, but still) I decided to create the first "no computer for the parents and minimal TV for the kid" day. I let my husband pick which day, Saturday or Sunday, and he picked Saturday. Neither one of us can hole up with a computer, and Mateo won't have a TV to entertain him all day long. How can one child watch the same four episodes of Little Einsteins over and over like it's brand spanking new?

I think this will be good for all of us as we tend to live in a rut of the same old same old, and I know that Mateo gets a huge kick when my husband and I are together with him. Heck, I get a big kick when we're all together, so it's got to be a big thrill for him.

Wait...is football starting on Sunday? Dangit. I've just signed my life away to watching Mateo all day Sunday while my husband takes care of the laundry in our bedroom while watching TV (this is part of that whole "rut" thing I write of). He should be in a contest to see who can take the longest to fold a basket of clothes because he'd win.

Oh well. Good intentions are just that. Good and intended.

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