Tuesday, September 30, 2008

I think my husband is some secret genius.

I've mentioned many times how my husband and I play Scrabble on Facebook all the time. In fact, we're playing right now when I should be reading or going to sleep.

Well, I'm the more educated one of the two, the smarty mcfarty, if you will, and he keeps kicking my butt in Scrabble, day in, day out, every day, all day long, you get my point, and I'm starting to wonder. And I'm the one who had to tell him what a precipice is when we were watching Project Runway and Tim said to the whiny chick, "You're throwing me off a precipice," or something like that. I'm the smart one!

Or am I secretly stupid?

Don't get me wrong. I've played plenty of moves just to get his annoying self off my butt. So I've lost more because I don't always have time to obsess about my next move and POINTS, and I just play the most obvious move and keep on working (because I'm so focused - you know, when I'm at work "working"). (He's always telling me, "It's the points, baby, the points." Well, he can take his stupid points and shove them where the sun don't shine.)

He's way more competitive than I am. So much so that we were playing this one word game on Facebook, and when I became a ring master and he couldn't get past cheerleader, he mysteriously stopped playing. Oh, he tried to beat my ring master status and couldn't. He even asked me how I got my score, and I said I'm smart, and he said whatever.

But with this whole Scrabble thing, it's really starting to get weird and annoying. I've even gone so far as using the online Scrabble word helper thing in hopes it'll give me some fabulous word options and POINTS. Sometimes, when I stick with it, and I do plan, I can seriously kick his butt. But most of the time? He's still kicking my butt, even when I'm laying down words like jupons and other things I can't think of because that's the only smarty mcfarty word I've used so far in the game and since I don't really know these words, I had to go back and look at the current game to give examples.

And he still keeps winning.

And I'm the English major who is so well read and smart and who can do anything she puts her mind to doing (well, sort of, I can't do many magic tricks (although I do know the secret behind most illusions - a plant! Didn't you watch the Illusionist?) nor can I cook chocolate chip cookies and I've lost all ability to make a pie crust nor can I do math that goes beyond adding whatever to whatever as long as it isn't longer then three numbers and I can't really sing good, but try, and well, you get the point).

He's not dumb by any means. School has never been and probably never will be his forte in life. If he had any ounce of dumbness in him, I couldn't have continued dating him because the whole situation would have become awkward and pointless. He reads about world events and politics and is all crazed about the economy - way more than I do and I am. He can talk circles around anyone at anytime, a fact I've learned to just accept, and when he starts circle talking me, I just sigh and let him have his way because I really can't circle talk but I can remember just about anything and have been known to bring up just about everything during key times. He knew nothing about the job he does now, and since I know him very well, I had complete and utter faith that within a few months he'd be talking about his job like he's been doing it for 20 years, and I was correct.

Perhaps I don't have perseverance like he does.

I really want to buy him a Scrabble game for Christmas, but I have a feeling he wouldn't do so well on his own (online allows you to slap down tiles until you see how many points you've achieved, and it also has a dictionary so you can to see if your crazy tile combos are making real words; it does not have the word helper that I use, however) and then my bubble would burst, he'd feel sad, and I'd be winning all the games.

So while I think it would be fun gag gift, I fear that he would actually want to play, and I really don't want to go there and see what happens.

He's also really good at dominoes. And doing math on the fly.

I think he's a strategist. I think he should be running our country. I think I'll write him in on my ballot. I think I find him scary and awesome.


Kmommy said...

LOL! Its the same w/scrabble at our house! But we've always played on a board - you should get him one for X-mas! :) Even though my hubby's degrees are in Biology and Science Ed, he's got the higher vocabulary and amazingly strong english writing skills... frustrating! :)
BTW: got the grumasauras shirt yesterday! Love it :)

Nut Nut said...

Oh! I'm so glad you like it! : )

I should get him the game. If only for the fun of it. Maybe I can get him into competitive Scrabble playing....