Wednesday, September 03, 2008

See Mom, I do listen.

My husband and I measured our living room blinds Monday night. I decided it was time to suck it up and order some new ones because I managed to take down another slat during the weekend.

Once we got the measurements, I started figuring out which vertical blinds would work best for our household. Not that there are too many choices, but still. I picked a neutral color, plugged in the measurements, and was greeted with a notice stating that blinds over a certain length would be charged an extra shipping fee at the tune of $75 bucks.

So the blinds that were about $150 bucks were now way over $200 bucks.

And that got me thinking.

What’s the likelihood that Mateo will continue to be attracted to the blind slats, gather as many slats up in his chubby little hands as he can, like he’s working on some serious construction project, or even better, using them to whack Zoe on the sides and head and butt? Did I really want to spend that much money for the same thing to happen again?

Granted, I’m sure the blinds are as old as the condo, which was built in the 80’s. I figured the slats were breaking off because the vinyl in the slats has become brittle with time. Did I want to take the chance that the new ones would be stronger and hold? Did I really want to spend over 200 bucks and a lot of time nagging my husband to take the old blinds down and put the new ones up?

Then I remembered my mom’s suggestion of buying washable curtains. She sent me a link to JCPenney’s site, which I quickly poopooed for one really good reason: our cats. One thinks she’s a kitten and can walk vertical, especially on something so tempting as a hanging curtain, and the other one has her moments of cat crazies and will jump around the living room furniture, getting stuck on things because I can’t cut her cat claws of death.

Plus all the hair. Even if the curtains are washable, my goodness our cats are full of extra pockets of hair they poof out onto EVERYTHING.

And then I thought, well, we can get some hardware to pull the curtains back, making it less tempting for Zoe to try to climb all over it and less of a chance for Sophia to get stuck to it. And if we wash them more often than I know we really would, perhaps we can manage the cat hair.

I looked up the curtains on JCPenney’s site. They were on sale. For a mere 25 bucks. I was sold. The hardware they sell with it (separately), is really nice, but adds another 25 – 50 bucks, so I passed on it. We’ll be going to Lowes this weekend to see what fabulous curtain rods they carry.

So yes, Mom, I do listen. But not at first. Because I’m just kooky that way.

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Beth Fish said...

Oh curtains are much better than blinds - and easier to keep out of grubby hands.