Wednesday, September 03, 2008

You know what's pretty dang awesome?

Having the coolest boss on the face of the earth give you a Starbucks gift card because she knows you're poor and have reverted back to drinking the sludge known as work coffee.

That's what's awesome.

I'm covered for 10 days! Ten fabulous, caffeine filled days! Ten wonderful days of not having to clean the dang coffee pot and then wait for the coffee to brew! Ten more tasty days of being able to get my coffee when I arrive to the building, then go upstairs, put my lunch away, walk to my desk, sit down and begin working! (I know, I sound nuts there, but I really do like my job, even when I get cursed at by angry project managers who want their flipping communication sent out before lunch - oh, wait, did I just write that? Can you suspect that may have happened today?)

Can you tell I love my morning coffee?

Boss lady, you rock.

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Neece said...

She is pretty awesome.