Sunday, September 28, 2008

Suspiciously accommodating.

I should really be working on my pronoun assignment, however, I'd much rather write.

Yesterday was an interesting day. I had homework to do (and, as mentioned above, still do), a headache and was tired. Perhaps all this showed.

From the beginning my husband was very accommodating towards me. He left early in the morning to get his hair cut, and when he came home, he took the boy to get his hair buzzed off. When he got back, he shooed me out of the kitchen as I was loading up the dishwasher, told me he'd take care of it (I suspect this extension of the kindness pipe stemmed more from his hatred of how I load up the dishwasher and his neurotic need to rearrange what I've done, and he might as well stop me early to save himself some trouble, but regardless, I was more than happy to oblige), and he'd put Mateo down for his nap and I was to do school work or take a nap or "whatever."

Hmmm. Okay.

See, he's a gym fanatic and didn't go Friday night like I told him to (he goes on Friday nights so we have more time to do planned things on Saturdays, and the plan on Friday for Saturday was to go to Ikea and find some stuff for Mateo's room since half his room is still babyish and most of his wall decor has fallen behind things, and it's just a basic mess and needs some sprucing up) because "it [was] too late," a statement which I feel was just an excuse because maybe, just maybe, there are times he just doesn't want to go to the gym but will never admit it. So Saturday I knew there would be a time during the day he would say he wanted to go to the gym, and since the plan for Saturday on Saturday was me never showering and getting dressed, which made going to Ikea an awkward possibility for the family that I decided was better left in the planning stages, I just rather him go to the gym and get it over with.

Mateo? He had other plans.

He naps about 4 or 5 hours after waking. So my husband and I figured he'd pass out when he came back from his hair buzz. This, in fact, happened, however, it was a 5-minute power nap that began in the car and ended when the gate door to our condo complex squeaked way too loud and woke him up. It was also very close to his lunch time. Putting him down for a nap ended up being an impossibility because we had to feed him lunch after I decided the boy was not going to go to sleep, then after the second nap attempt, he threw his pacifier out of his crib, pooped and screamed for his Momma on the top of his lungs. I took on the third nap attempt since I am the one who puts him to bed every night, but that didn't work either, and after more screaming, my husband took him outside to run around and blow off some steam.

During these bits and pieces of no Mateo time, I was working on my homework, wanting to sleep (I really don't get how kids don't want to sleep; sleep is the best thing EVER) and waiting for Mateo to figure out what he was going to do so I could tell my husband to go to the gym.

My husband came back inside with Mateo, told me to do whatever I wanted to do and he'd watch the boy, and since I wasn't particularly comfortable with this idea because being told this once was weird enough, but a bunch of times throughout the day was just plain suspicious, I went into the living room to hang out with Mateo until he finally decided he needed his nap. It was 2:30pm. WAY past his nap time, by about 4 hours.

While he napped, I decided to catch up on some of my shows, watched most of How to Look Good Naked, passed out towards the end, was woken up by my husband who told me he was leaving, I told him to either turn the volume down or turn off the TV so I could hear Mateo if he woke up, and promptly went back to sleep. I thought my husband was leaving to go to the store to get food for dinner.

I then had a dream that I had a dream about school and missing classes and all that. A dream within a dream. And that confused me a lot when I woke up and thought about it because I don't physically go to a classroom, which was part of my dream, so I thought I was losing my marbles.

When my husband came home, I still thought he was coming back with food for dinner, wondered why he never went into the kitchen to put the food away, and then was woken up by my husband holding Mateo, whom he woke up so that he wouldn't sleep from 2:30pm until whenever he decided he was hungry, which my husband feared would be at 3am in the morning. It was then I realized my husband had snuck off to the gym and not the store. He also informed me that I was "passed out" when he came home and was snoring.

For the record, I do not snore and I don't know why he keeps telling me this.

Because I was so suspicious of why my husband was being so thoughtful and accommodating, I really didn't get much done yesterday except some school work. We didn't go to Ikea, as planned on Friday. We didn't really do much of anything except try to get Mateo to nap. So I begin today, Sunday, with a laundry list of things to do that I could have done yesterday, and based on how my husband was slightly annoyed with me that I didn't finish dressing the boy for his Sunday morning trip to the farmer's market with dad, I fear there will be no accommodations extended to me today.

I guess I should do some school work then, before they come back.

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Kmommy said...

I would be suspicious too! :) But my hubby would probably never volunteer to watch the kids. Not even if he was up to something ;)
Ugh, well, you know how naps go around here ;) so I can totally feel you with the whole nap issue.