Thursday, September 25, 2008

You know what I'm tired of?


I wasn't going to go there and write about the upcoming presidential election, more so because I feel I'm not smart enough in this category to pontificate about the virtues (or lack there of) of a specific candidate. Also, when we moved to our new city (which is right next to our old city, and, in fact, less than one minute away from each other, depending on where you happen to be, and I just happen to live right next to the city lines), I got dropped from the voter registrar. I've never been able to figure this one out. The jury duty peeps found me. The car registration peeps found me. The tax peeps have definitely found me. Even our old city's animal control found me and said I could go to jail if I didn't renew our cat's license or tell them she was dead. Or that we moved, but I think the first two choices sound more dramatic. Il Fornaio even found me for poopsake, and I don't know how they managed that (oh, those clever Italians).

My husband, on the other hand, was found, and he can vote without any sort of trouble. He's loved by everyone in office and get mailers all the time, both in English and in Spanish.

When I got my renewal information for my license, I thought, okay, I'll just register to vote again. They can't hold me down! I have a voice! Then I read the small print stating if you've already registered in your county once, you need to call the Registrar of Voters or something and have them find you.

Have you ever called government agencies or buildings or someone resembling a government official in some capacity?

I grumbled about it and never called. I'm not surprised with myself, and so you shouldn't be either. And yes, I know, I suck. I should look into it. And I just might by the time November rolls around.

So back to politics. I happen to have some very passionate people in my life, most of them are found in my place of employment, and some feel the need to send goofy e-mails about candidates to everyone they assume is on their side.

And see, that's the part that drives me crazy. How can anyone assume friendship equals the same thoughts and feelings and values? Sure, I tend to feel the same way on most things, but that doesn't mean everyone who is copied on an email will feel the same way. You can be for the same candidate but not be for a specific in his bag of tricks (or hers, if you're speaking of Palin).

I just don't want to be bombarded with anti this and pro that hoopla. No one is going to change the way I feel about politics and what I agree with or disagree with based on a goofy cartoon. In other words, where is the intelligent conversation? And if you think I'm that much of a pushover, you've got another one coming!

I've even heard others say if you aren't registered to vote, then you can't complain. I think there is truth to that, but it's also a reflection of how our election process works. Will my one vote make a difference? How interesting would it be if could. That whole Kevin Costner movie would be real life (I haven't seen it, so I really don't know what I'm talking about).

Anyway. I'm counting down the days until we figure out who is running this country just so I don't have to look at anymore goofy cartoons or hear people say "rah, rah so-and-so! and if you don't believe in so-and-so, you're an idiot!"

I'll tell you my takes on the candidates, if you care to know, because I like to focus on traits more than details:

McCain: Too old. WAAYYY too old to be president of anything, even the PTA. And too white and pasty. That man needs some grecian hair formula and a fake bake. His skin seems malleable. And that's not a good thing. Never has been.

Obama: Nice and young and eager. I like that he's young. So sue me. I'd much rather have him run things only because he probably could withstand an all nighter unlike Gramps up above.

Biden (or is that Binden?): As you can tell, I don't even know what his name really is, much less anything about him. Sad? Yes. But I am the same one who asked my husband a week before 9/11 who the Vice President was. I was a little self-absorbed at that time. I told you all I'm not the one to be talking all the politics talk.

Palin: Um. Don't get me started on her. Guns? Booo! Pregnant 17-year-olds? Booo! Buns and librarian glasses? Weirdly sexy but still booooo! I just don't get her. But then, I've never been in Alaska. I hear it's nice, however.

So what did we learn today. 1. I'm a political idiot. 2. I have nothing good to say about this whole election. 3. I don't like cartoons (but I do - Dilbert? The best!). 4. I'm lazy and don't want to call up the voter registrar peeps and have them find me.

I do have a lot to say about what this world and our country will be like when Mateo is a teenager, but that's another post altogether and you can blame The World is Flat for that.

Class is dismissed.


Kmommy said...

Ugh! I am also sick of it all! :) It's only going to get worse from here on out. It is funny about making assumptions about political alliances... Me, I would assume that any teacher of English would be a democrat. Horribly naive assumption, I know. I really put my foot in my mouth at one of the colleges I taught at when I made that assumption with the head of the english department! ;) Lets just say that she politely said she was a staunch republican... and I wondered why I didn't get hired there ;) now of course I avoid mentioning politics at all to those who may be my boss sometime.

Nut Nut said...

I feel a closed mouth is the best kind sometimes. Because when I get going...and I've already proved I'm rather stupid in this category. It just gets way too sensitive. I don't even like talking to my husband about these things because he tends to think I believe everything he believes and then we just fight.

tom e. said...

It might be worth trying to fix your registration at -- It's how I got my Dad re-registered after the County of Contra Costa royally screwed him over.