Friday, September 26, 2008


Maybe you saw some other blog posts about youdata, that's how I came across it on Design Mom's blog, and it's probably the coolest thing ever for a few seconds of your time. Basically you sign up, answer some questions, and then ads will be shown to you based on your likes. You make money each time you look at them or click through to the actual web page. Bloggers can also use it to post ads and generate revenue. I haven't done that, and I'm not sure I will.

Anyway. So I signed up because I'm always thinking of ways to get a few extra pennies since everything helps. I signed up yesterday and have already had $2.59 deposited into my paypal account. They do deposits once a week, so I figure by next Friday I'll have enough to keep my in Starbucks for the week!

Also, there is some contest thing going on. If you sign up with youdata, you are entered into a contest to win a laptop of your choice. Just go here and read all the details, but there are iPods involved, people, iPods!!! Not that a new laptop is a horrible thing, but iPods - more than ONE - which means xmas gifts for someone really special! Or sell it...oh, the possibilities.

I wanted to share this with others so they can get the cents and dollars on (and maybe a laptop or iPods on) as well. Especially since the deposits just posted into my account and I know it's real and I'm not being duped.

So go! Go! And then come back and look at my arm wound picture when I get it posted.


Kmommy said...

That sounds pretty cool, I may have to go check it out! And iPods! :) Sounds awesome.

Kmommy said...

And it's nice to know that its legitimate! You just never know these days.

lil miss hissyfit said...

There you go getting my hopes up and them bam " please provide your cellular number". Ok well that's fine i'll just use the fiance's becuase hey I actually don't own a cellphone. " choose your provider" ok.. well fuck. I'm sorry I'm a canadian and my provider is a canadian only providers and thus not elligable to be used.

Is my time any less valuable? I think not * fumes*

atleast the offer is good for some people.

Nut Nut said...

@lil miss hissyfit

I thought it was odd that the site required a cell number, but it needs to know you're a real person. I guess they could have used regular phones, but it would probably cost them money. Not sure if sending SMS messages via cell costs them money.... (I reluctantly got a cell phone years ago, more in case of emergency, so I don't use it like other people do (text messages, sending photos, interest, etc.).

Perhaps in the future they will add other countries. I would ask about it, at least you can plant the seed.