Friday, October 17, 2008

Gosh darnit! Stop with the ghost shows!

I'm such a huge sucker for ghost and paranormal shows. HUGE sucker. I will watch just about anything and everything as long as it isn't too silly. And now the Travel Channel has a new show I must start recording - Ghost Adventures - which begins tonight and even though I'm grateful for another ghosty show to watch, I'm ticked off at the same time.


Because I don't have time to watch TV!!!

If I'm watching TV, I'm usually watching Little Einsteins, Jack's Big Music Show, Yo Gabba Gabba and the like. Because that's what the boy wants to watch, and if I try to watch anything else, that's when Mateo suddenly wants to climb on toys and try to break his neck. Turn Noggin on? BAM! That boy is gone, his eyes glaze over, and he's still as can be. Try to touch him in this state? He'll smack you good and say a curt "NO!" Well, maybe that was more this past week because he hasn't been feeling good at all and is a tad on the sensitive side.

If you look at our list of recorded shows on our DVR, most of them are mine, and they keep piling up. I'm 5 weeks behind on some shows. I had to give up on others. The remainder are miscellaneous movies, MMA and other fighting nonsense shows my husband watches, and the shows my husband and I watch together. And a whole mess of Yo Gabba Gabbas cause nothing helps a tense situation like some Yo Gabba Gabba!

The only saving grace I'll have is if I can get my husband to like this show and then he'll want to watch it with me (instead of making fun of the show as I watch it, a favorite pass time of his). On the sly, like. Like right now, I have the intro two-hour show episode on, my husband is off picking us up some food, and my plan is for him to come home, say, "What's this?" and start watching. And get hooked. Yes, hooked like a fish who hasn't eaten for days and thinks that fluorescent blob floating in the water is a tasty meal.

Man, do I love me some scary, spooky, creepy shows.


Kmommy said...

LOL! I love those ghost shows too! The travel channel has a new one? Man I wish we had cable. The times we have been lucky enough to live in an area with cable, we've watched all those ghost hunter shows and the one on the travel channel about haunted places. How fun!! Hope you got to watch it! I should really just break down and get satellite. But then we'd all probably start watching way too much tv! We do anyway with just NBC and PBS and intermittently CBS...

Anonymous said...

Two words: "A Haunting". I watch that on Discovery every day after I get BabyGirl down for nap.

And if I hear the Yo Gabba Gabba song about "a party in my tummy" one more time, I might have to drink myself into a stupor.

Nut Nut said...

I've watched A Haunting before, and that is one of the few shows that really give me the willies. Love it!!

As I type this right now, good old Yo Gabba Gabba is on....

Momo Fali said...

Man, I don't. I hate scary. HATE it. Don't get me wrong, I have a TV addiction, but the scariest thing I watch is LOST.