Sunday, October 19, 2008

Someone's gotta love the monsters out there.

Not only am I a sucker for the super, scary, creepy ghost shows, but I'm also a sucker for ugly things. I've loved the Ugly Dolls for years. I had a stint as an ugly creature maker (I failed miserably although my niece liked them and our cats liked to play with them). I like bumpy, weird looking creatures. Who doesn't?

Apparently there are people out there who don't, or who just don't get the absolute uniqueness of their cuteness; whatever it is, they don't like them and so I felt the need to give the monsters a positive post. Plus I wanted to write about this before I read another post where someone was questioning the validity of these items as an Xmas gift.

Hello? Monsters!! That's all that needs to be written.

Esquire magazine released their top Xmas toys list for 2008, and the Monsters living at the Monster Factory came up number 18. My husband, who knows of my love towards all things bumpy, lumpy and sorta weird looking, pointed out the article on Yahoo to me.

I saw this guy and fell in love:

After much deliberation, we (yes WE, not just ME, so that makes it less WEIRD) picked out El Nino, above, and Owen, below.

Mateo is getting one of these lovely lads for Xmas. We couldn't decide which one he should get, so we're waiting for them to arrive via Canadian post before we pick.

Yes, you read correctly. These lovely lads are Canadian. And so, if you go to the website, see the cost of one of them, and balk, "Omg, they're sooooo expensive!" have no fear, the USD is actually fairing better in the exchange rate business with Canada's dollar. So hop to it! It really is quite a nice deal. At least I think so.

You might be thinking who is getting the monster reject? Well, I can't say exactly as it will ruin Xmas for someone out there in the world (and no, sis, no one you know will be getting the reject, so calm thyself down; I'm not subjecting you to my weird fondness of all things lumpy and odd). He'll just magically appear on someone's doorstep in December, asking if the family has room for him.

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